Our collaboration with one of the top SME software providers to help millions of SMEs in generating good invoices in a minute

Their vision

The goal was to build SaaS based Invoice Generator Platform, an intuitive cloud invoicing tool for generating custom good invoices in multiple formats. It should be secured, easy, user-friendly, and allows easy sharing and downloading of PDFs.


Product Development

the challenges

Onboarding disorganized SME stakeholders into structured and automated processes

Developing a seamless implementation of diverse use cases and formulas for invoices with and without GST compliances.

Creating a scalable and flexible product that can efficiently handle millions of requests.

Designing a platform that allows for effortless invoice downloads with minimal steps.

Ensuring that the platform has the capability to manage plenty of documents and invoices.

Incorporating a subscription management module into the platform.

Enabling easy payment through the use of QR codes and UPIs.

Enabling bulk invoice generation B2B businesses.

How we built their idea into a product

We began by studying software requirements and researching SME's Pain Points. Then we devised a roadmap with use cases and quickly built a POC to test the idea. From there on, we added features like multiple invoice types and created a flexible, scalable tech architecture.

Simultaneously, we built mobile version of the site in react. The forthcoming features we are currently building : E-invoice, E-way bill and payment method modules

From Concept to Reality

Technology used

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