How we helped to overcome 100s of operational challenges through a centralized system

About the client

Kesari is among the top travel assist companies in India. With over 35 years of experience in the travel industry, it has established itself as a backbone of the industry. Kesari has successfully served millions of customers by catering to their diverse tour and travel plans.


Tours and Travel

Business type


Their vision

The vision was to build a Travel Assistant Platform that streamlines enquiries, bookings, and payments for sales, operations, and destination management teams with Automation to drive Business Growth.


Tours and Travel


Product Development

the challenges

Tailoring package enquiries and managing bookings according to client preferences

Designing a traceable engine for enquiries and booking management to establish a unified source of information

Implementing a multi-currency system for all trips

Efficient management of Destination Management Companies (DMCs) in various time zones

Creating a dashboard for the founder or management team that provides an overview of the business and analytical insights for informed decision-making.

Utilizing machine learning or OCR technology to extract passport data, eliminating human error and ensuring compatibility with all passport types globally.

Monitoring email communications related to enquiries and bookings to safeguard business interests.

How we built their idea into a product

Our methodology entailed conducting thorough research, brainstorming, and analyzing the user flow and stakeholder involvement throughout the booking process to optimize workflow and enhance stakeholder efficacy.

We interviewed each and every department periodically to understand their day to day activity in their job role.

Subsequently, we devised a comprehensive technical architecture plan and promptly commenced its implementation.

Features Highlight : Enquiry & Booking Engine, RFQ & Quotation Management ,Visa Management, Finance & Accounts Management, Payments with automation, AI based Document management

The forthcoming features we are currently building : Travel Chatbot, Group Tour Management, 3rd Party Integration

From Concept to Reality

Technology used

What Our Client Says

Himanshu Patil Director at

App Octet is our tech delivering partner for our travel assistant platform, Strawberi. They have helped us streamline our process and experience for customers, which has made our platform efficient and automated all our work. The Appoctet team is doing a great job and their support has been consistent.

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